Large Glass Wearable Candle

Large Glass Wearable Candle
Large Glass Wearable Candle
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Product Description

A triple wick "wearable candle", wear it, massage it, burn it make a wish. Burn Time : Lrg - 50hrs; Med - 30hrs; Grande Tin - 20 hrs; Travel Tin - 8hrs A natural coconut derived 100% non-toxic non GMO, bio-degradable,vegan, ecologically sound, completely sustainable proprietary vegetable wax blend. No petro-chemicals. This wax burns at a low temperature making it a soothing body butter when warm and solid perfume when cool. Artisan, small batch Hand poured in California. 80% Coconut Wax/Oil And a proprietary blend of vegetable oils. Fragrance Oil - blend of fragrances using some essential oils. 4" x 2.5" tall, three scents available,

Dahlia : Rose & lychee

Fight or Flight: Jasmine & vanilla

Archetype Rising: Peony, cucumber & firewood

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